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Cart Abandonment

Forced Registration as a Factor Contributing to Cart Abandonment


There are different websites in the industry that offer services and products online. And one of the big issues that retailers, who own these websites, worry about is cart abandonment. This issue is when customers visit a website, get a cart, put products in it and at the end not pay for the products and not check them out. Other people would resolve this by availing to services like cart recovery and trying to regain their losses even how small the recovered money would be. Little efforts and changes though could be done too like not forcing customers to create an account in your website first before being allowed to make a purchase.


Despite creating an account and registration seeming to be a little and superficial thing, this is an important factor to have more completed transactions and sales. It may be true that collecting customer’s information would be very helpful especially for future investments and marketing efforts and that these customers who registered would be most likely to be loyal and come back to the website and purchase again, but it is more important to close sales and make it easier for the customers to purchase and end the transaction. Forcing them to register would be a waste of time on their part and with some websites requiring registration fee, this could be one vital factor that could lead to cart abandonment.


Most people would simply want to purchase products and leave the website after. These customers would simply want to get it over with. Since you cannot ask your customers to register to your website before the sale with the risk that they would simply abandon their carts, what you can do is to ask it at the end of the sale after the transaction had been completed and give them the choice. In this way, not only would you be able to avoid these kinds of cases but you would also save money simply to avail services like cart recovery. Using this strategy would help you hit two birds with one stone- you get to complete a transaction avoiding cart abandonment and at the same time collect information of customers to help you with your sales.